About INwood

“Our sofas don’t talk” and this is a fact.
Of course we have explanation why! Not mentioning our know-how and experience with the technological processes, everything is genuine simple - in our production we use high quality pine and beech. A combination of skilful work and quality materials ensure that you will not hear the squeaky noises you often hear from many furniture.

We are proud to say that INwood is one of the leading producers of wooden sofa frames in Lithuania. We trust that skilful work can make a difference. And we know our clients share the same values.

INwood is located in beautiful surroundings in Lentvaris, not far from Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, in the “backyard” of an old, historical mansion.

The factory employs around 120 people, mainly from the local area and all highly qualified.

Ever since INwood was founded in 1980 in Aalestrup, Denmark, as a traditional carpentry and joinery company, the company has constantly been investing in the newest technology. Thereby, INwood has been able to hold its position as a leading supplier of frames for sofas, armchairs, footstools, etc. for big producers of upholstered furniture.

INwood have been operating in Lithuania since 2007, where they bought a Danish owned company started in 1993, and today, 60% of the production goes for the Lithuanian furniture producers, whereas the rest is exported, mainly to Denmark.

In INwood, we have a fine combination of high-tech production and genuine, traditional craftsmanship. With our advanced CNC equipment, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements.


Wednesday, the 27-th of February, 2013
UAB „INwood“ has been listed among the strongest Lithuanian companies and received a confirming certificate „THE STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA 2012“.
The main evaluation criterion for the award is a high solvency ratio, which indicates a low prognosed statistic possibility that the company will not meet liabilities within 90 days and more during the coming 12 months.