Design & Development

When designing sofas, chairs or other furniture, we always work in close relationship with the client.
Together we design and produce exactly what is wanted from us, usually following these steps:

We receive a technical drawing or an example of a product from the client.
We then make suggestions for:
-    The parts to be used
-    The design
-    The materials to be used
-    The price

The client then accepts:
-    Drawings
-    List of parts/pieces
-    A specimen is produced

After the client accepts the specimen:
-    Production papers are prepared
-    All data is fed to our production program on the computer
-    The production is initiated
-    A test assembly is carried out

Pick up or delivery

All these steps are carried out and we always have a close contact with the client at all times.
We are not satisfied with the product before the client is!